My name is River Song.
Entering the lower level of the TARDIS tomb, when Clara asked the Doctor if he loved River Song, he replied, “She was clever and brave and kind and funny. And had more love in one heart than I could ever have in two.”
Draft script of The Name of the Doctor, DWM guide to the 2013 series (via agelessdaughter)

My favorite under-appreciated Doctor Who episodes → The Sontaran Experiment
I’m going to take him on in single combat.


"Listen, where did you get this number?"
"Woman in the shop wrote it down."

It was Sarah Jane Smith in a flower shop.


when you and your friend see someone you hate

Milford Sound in New Zealand




after the rain, we walk the streets of the city

Holy shit I was browsing tumblr on my phone last night and I saw this and thought it was real photos since the screen was all small? And then I was just going through my likes and was all “Wait a minute…”